The concept of 'School of Thought' takes an Ivy league approach that’s reminiscent of the vitality in Harvard Square when class is back in session. Bridging the gap between Boston and Japan, inspiration was also taken from the phrase “Ametora,” a popular Japanese phrase from the 1980s meaning “American Traditional.” It encompasses Japan’s adoption of the American East Coast aesthetic with high-quality, clean dressing.

Production: Thunder Road Projects | Creative Direction: Malakhai Pearson | Director: Malakhai Pearson | Assistant Director: Taliyah Gordon | Director of Photography: Mike Sun | Art Director: Victoria Griggs | Photography: Malakhai Pearson | Producer: Sam Dorcean | Editor / Post Production Lead: Mike Larareo | Producer (Client): Becca Giller | Producer (Client): Oz | HMU: Erica Morales + Liza Jones | Digi Tech: Chris Valites | Set Build: Doug Moore & Dan Brisson| Digi: Chris Valites | Stylist:Natalie Reynoso | Decorator: Isaac Perry |  Carpenter: Doug Moore | Carpenter: Dan Brisson | Prop Master: Matt Eldridge | Set Dec: Sean Peloso | Original Score: Skinniez | Location: Red Sky Studios | Special thanks: Rule Camera Boston, Windy Films & Rome M