Brain Child x New Era

A celebration of 5 years for our family at Brain Child. The friendships and connections seen in “Brain Child, The Future is Us” took years to make…they run deep. This is what our Boston looks like.

Team Notes:
Production: Thunder Road Projects & Brainchild ®
Director(s): Malakhai Pearson & Neil Shukla
Cinematographer: Neil Shukla
Producer(s): Malakhai Pearsson & Doug Ansine
Edit: Neil Shukla & Malakhai Pearson
Color: Neil Shukla
Sound + Score: Mozes
V/O: Frank Rivera
Camera package: Rule Camera Boston
Film Processing:Lumenation

Talent (in order of appearance):  
Doug Ansine
Frank Rivera 
Onyx Fernandes
Patrick Sweeney
Marius Johnson
Brek One
Prohours Thang
Julian Estevez
Cesar Estevez
Jenny Nguyen
Kona Say

Restaurants featured: 
Huong Que Restaurant (Dorchester)
Mamagoos (Cambridge)

Special thanks to:
Jim + Ines
Boston Art Review
Colin Pagnoni
Jim from Lumenation
Huong Que Rest

Brain Child® x New Era | Event Recap Credits 
Production: Thunder Road Projects Brainchild
Cinematographer: Chaney Carlson-Bullock
2nd Camera + Producer: Mala Smith
Event Stills: Bountheng Tanakhone
Host: Julian Estevez
Edit + Color: Mike larareo

Event panelists

Doug Ansine
Frank “The Butcher” Rivera