Bodega x Saucony (2024)

Sauce for our friends at Bodega. Production support for the release of the BODEGA X SAUCONY GRID SHADOW 2 'JAUNT WOVEN'. The story is this, three homies (Darwin, Sanca, and Smithley) skip school to hang at the crib. Darwin arives wiith some product and the three firends enjoy the day getting stoned, playing hackysack,and making drinks (of course). Sanca’s Mom on the other hand had suprise plans to return home early. With that phone call, the three frineds desperately try to become less high.

Team  Notes:
Talent: Sanca | Smithely | Darwin
Directors: Neil Shukla + Malakhai Pearson
Director of Photography: Neil Shukla
Stills: Adam Jason Cohen
Art Direction: Ricky Orng
Production: Thunder Road Projects
Producer: Malakhai Pearson + Saluma Bensalim
Gaffer: Jake Fay (Bteam)
Stylist: Akeem Pierre
Production assistant: Nate (last name) Dugan
Edit: Mike Larareo (Marathon Post)
Color: Justin Nguyen
Score: Mozes
Location Manager: Dianne Fields
Camera Package: Rule Boston / AJC inc
Special thanks: Grace Fernandez and Tyler (the dog).